Saratha Electroplater is committed to supply of consistent quality electroplated components on time to customer, to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement by effective implementation of quality management system

• Zinc Plating Components Passivated Trivalent-Yellow, Trivalent- White, Trivalent-Black.
• Zinc Nickel Plating Components Passivated Trivalent-Yellow, Trivalent-Black.
• Copper Plating
• Bright Nickel Plating
• Tin Plating

Our Facilities

Shop Floor facility
• On Line PH Meter
• Auto Dosage
• In-House Lab

Laboratory facilities

Chemical Analyses Salt Spray TestHot Plate

Inspection :
• Lab facility to verify all bath parameters,
• Hull cell Tester & Digital PH Meter
• Salt Spray Test Chamber
• Digital Coating Thickness Gauge